America deserves a strong military capable of defending us from foreign attack.  At the same time, our country’s military is currently deployed to countries where the people don’t want our troops there.  Military experts agree that one small group of special operations troops going in and getting out can do more to fight terrorism abroad than a whole occupation army.

America should also immediately stop all foreign aid, starting with aid to governments with a record of supporting terrorism, like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

The American taxpayers are also spending too much on America’s military adventures.  I would support pulling our forces in the Middle East back to form a defensive line around Kurdistan, and work to bring the rest home.

If we bring our troops home, we can cut over $100 billion a year of unnecessary military spending.  Our troops would be home safe, we could afford to give our troops pay raises, and we’d still have the same defense budget from 2007.

Education Reform

States, counties, and cities should be free to decide their own curriculum.  As Congressman, I will fight to keep the Department of Education’s micromanagement OUT of the hair of Las Vegas schools.  If the federal government brings our troops home from the War on Terror, over $100 billion of spending would be cut. I would be willing to reinvest $5 billion in education to save $95 billion that would have been spent on the ongoing wars.

The most important issue disturbing me is the way Nevada schools are cutting programs and services to the poorest neighborhoods while administrators are getting pay raises.  The Clark County School Board and many administrators don’t even realize the games they play with budgets on a page have real-world consequences for the working class. That’s a state and local issue, not a federal issue, but not everything I do as Congressman has to be a House vote!

Affordable Health Care

I will vote against any restrictions on doctors accepting cash or providing free medical care. I would work to get rid of unfair government restrictions on the production and sale of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and medical cannabis.

I will work to deregulate the health-insurance industry so private businesses can provide solutions that government-backed insurance companies are suppressing so that health care stays expensive.  Deregulating health care is NOT to deliver people to greedy insurance companies, but for small businesses to get in the door that the government and special interests are keeping shut. For the first time, I want medical insurance companies to actually compete for customers.

Also, I completely support the new range of apps where people can call an affordable doctor directly to their home.  This type of innovation from the private sector will help improve the quality of a lot of people’s lives. When the City of Las Vegas tries to block the app doctors just like they tried to kick Uber and Lyft out of this town, the mayor and the city council will be hearing from me!

Recidivism Reduction

One of the leading causes of people going to prison in the first place is the War on Drugs.  As Congressman, I would push hard to have cannabis REMOVED from the federal Schedule of Controlled Substances.  I would also vote against increasing federal penalties for drug-related offenses. No victim, no crime.

Federal law also places unequal weight on powder cocaine and crack-cocaine, which then makes the drug problem into a problem of race and income bracket.  That needs to change. Instead of complaining about how “the system” is racist, let’s be Libertarian and dismantle this system that puts so many working class people in prison.

Finally, nobody likes to hire felons.  If we as a society tie people’s hands behind their backs, throw them in the swimming pool, and tell them to swim, we shouldn’t act surprised when they start sinking.  The best chance felons have is to work for themselves, so I’ll support strong tax incentives for ex-convicts to start their own small businesses. I’ll also support large tax incentives to companies that hire felons and give them a second chance at life.


I support lower taxes for all, especially the working class.  Taxes are supposed to be our contribution to keeping the government providing goods and services to us all.  This would be fine if the government was serving the people’s needs instead of serving the people on a dinner plate to special interests.

Today, income taxes and many other taxes only exist to help the government pay for its massive debt.  From the minute they’re born, every American is in debt over $50,000. Congress controls the money and could reign in the debt, so this is criminal-level mismanagement!  If the government owns us and we have to help pay its debt, we don’t live in a free country anymore. America needs tax cuts and tax breaks! Business owners and job creators need tax breaks, but the working class needs a break the most!

Spending cuts

When people in Washington brag about “spending cuts” they’re really bragging about cutting future spending.  “I promise not to spend a million dollars next week that I never had in the first place.” Why do those Congressmen get a pat on the back?  Spending must be reduced to keep the debt from shooting up any higher, and we can start by shutting down some of the military bases in unnecessary places like Germany, Belgium, and Thailand.

Every year I will oppose raising the debt ceiling.  A country in debt is a country whose taxpayers are in debt. We the People shouldn’t be in debt just because Congress overspends like they’re all drunk on Spring Break.

Local partnerships

The House of Representatives is a federal governing body and Congressmen can’t dictate state laws.  My three biggest issues—affordable health care, education reform, and prison recidivism—are affected just as much by state laws and policies as by federal ones.  Therefore, I would pressure the Nevada State Legislature to make changes parallel to what I’m trying to do in Washington DC. America has gotten used to the fact that politicians live and stay in DC when they’re supposed to be here at home most of the time and only in DC to vote on bills.

Even if I don’t win this election in 2018, I’ll still create local partnerships and bring people together who are as serious as I am about improving local life in Las Vegas.  Just see what we can do in our own community without the government’s help! Congressman Strawder will be a hometown Congressman, and the state senators and mayors are probably going to get tired of me.  That’s OK with me, as long as we’re getting the job done!